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Hey guys this is Gold Ambassador Champions Planet Cazmo Guide. Contact me via email or twitter. Please NO spam comments or inappropriate comments. Come back soon!

Friday Updates 3/5/10

March 7, 2010

Hey guys Gold Ambassador Champions is back after about a 3 week break from posting!  So I won’t post pictures of the previous updates but I will talk about them!

February 26, 2010- Planet Cazmo Updated and PC’s first every multiplayer game came out!  It is called musika!  And 4 different Lady GaGa shirts were then available! And Parachute preformed that weekend.  And the two old hover crafts came out, the silver and the pink one.

March 5, 2010-

Another new mulitplayer game came out! Skaterz is where you skate on the ramps and get points and after about 30 seconds the person with the most points wins 2 Cazmo Coinz!

Also, Parachute had an encore performance this weekend.

Also, the sodapop helmet and the flying carpet are now on sale!

And there is a new Ambassador gift!

As Always,

~Gold Ambassador Champions~



February 20, 2010

Hey all this is Gold Ambassador Champions here. And if you were wondering, yes I was hacked, but not as badly as Agent Cazmo. Please support him!

Here are the Friday Updates:
Savannah Outen preformed again and she was pretty good. I wasn’t paying much attention, I was talking to flowerpuff.

Also there are two new hats! They are awesome!!! And the two old scooters came back!

There is a new mod gift! A Cazmo Rulez Shirt!

Sorry for the small picture.

And in sometime soon Planet Cazmo should update with the new mulitplayer minigame!

As Always,

~Gold Ambassador Champions~


February 20, 2010

yes, my site was recently hacked and i changed my pass and everything but i really need u guys to support agent cuz his site was more badly hacked than mine

Vodpod videos no longer available.